I’m quite old school when it comes to certain aspects of menswear and have been slow to embrace the wrinkle-free shirt phenomenon, believing it to be just another passing fad. I’m a forty-something alpha male and while I can do little to magic away the wrinkles on my face, anything that alleviates them on my shirts is music to my ears.

The truth is I am a stickler for a pristinely ironed shirt, always have been. But I have to admit, when the clock is ticking to leave the house in the morning, I yearn for an already pressed shirt to suddenly appear out of my wardrobe.

However I’ve been quietly impressed now that I have tentatively dipped my toe in to world of non iron. Whilst not a complete convert just yet, I am beginning to see the benefits that non-iron brings to the table, especially in relation to travelling (says he who packs a portable steamer wherever he goes)

The downside is that despite all the hype, no non-iron shirt is 100% crease free of course. So I have found myself reverting to type on occasion, sheepishly reaching for the steamer despite it completely defeating the object. I have been suspicious though about the rather unpleasant fumes given off when the iron is applied, and discovered that most non-iron shirts are typically soaked in formaldehyde (more synonymous with Damien Hurst contemporary art installations) or Teflon (Mr non-stick) – hence the unpleasant fumes. “It’s non-iron Lee, don’t do it.”

Most of the major shirt-making players offer non-iron nowadays, including T.M. Lewin if you want a budget version, but Suitsupply’s Traveller shirt is a particular favourite and perfect for the globe-trotting man. They have all the staples covered from plain to striped through to windowpane and micro check, available in 10 different styles, priced at £79 Available here Besides, I couldn’t resist posting the cool animation below. Seems to convey the message particularly well.

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