Shot on location at The Wallawwa, Colombo, Sri Lanka by Will Osborne

There’s a place in Spain where the Iberian peninsula, at its most southern extremity, virtually kisses the continent of Africa. Here, in the kite-surfing mecca of Tarifa, (pictured below) a white washed town close to Cadiz, a young team of designers allow users to customise a selection of existing swim short designs on their e-commerce site. While Tarifa and Co are not bespoke, the company does allow you to choose the fabric pattern, short length, pocket design and colour etc.


What better way to put a pair of their swimmers to the test than my upcoming holiday to Sri Lanka? I opted for the Wanderlust fabric mainly for its inherent tropical vibe that I felt would be very much at home in Ceylon given its elephant repeat pattern print. I chose mid-length shorts with a simple clean white rope cord. I had the option to customise the back pocket (with for example a plain colour) but preferred to keep the existing print on print.

I monogrammed my swimmers with an abbreviated version of Sartorialee (hence STL, for those with hawk eyes). The logo is essentially an amended version of Tarifa and Co’s logo – a great way for the brand to retain its identity in three single letters no matter the denomination.

Here’s how it works:
First of all click here: Tarifa and Co

Using a measuring tape, measure your waist around the hip bones, in cm or inches, right where you want your swimmers to sit.

  • Make sure you’ve measured correctly. Refer to the Size chart.
  • Given that I have a 34″ waist I chose size Medium which I feel are true to size.
  • When deciding on length, this is defined as the distance between waistband and the tip of the shorts. I’m very happy with the ‘mid-length’ option I selected. Short shorts should only be worn by 20-somethings.


 Just follow these simple steps:
  • Pick your favourite swimmers to customise or pick an existing design among Tarifa and Co’s Collection.
  • Personalise your shorts, selecting from the various fabrics and colours for each element. Once complete, click “Purchase”.
  • Review your design, add your personal information, pick a payment method, and once everything is correct, click “Confirm order”.
  • Add your payment details and click “Confirm purchase”. Once your have completed your order, you will receive an e-mail confirming your TARIFA purchase along with the order details.
  • Orders usually arrive within 2-3 weeks of purchase
Prices from €159
Disclaimer: Tarifa & Co supplied the customised swim shorts for the purpose of this article
Tarifa image: courtesy of