50 tints of grey

Portraits: William Osborne  Details: Lee Osborne

Grey Lenses

I was invited down to Eyeworks‘ London store in Gloucester Road, to try out Transitions® – pioneers of the photocromatic spectacle lens that adapts to different lighting situations throughout the day and night. In simplest terms when you’re inside the lenses are clear – in the brightest sun they turn dark, just like sunglasses. They are 100% effective in blocking out all UV and UVB rays. They are fabulous for reducing squinting and eye fatigue making them ideal for someone like me who’s glued to their screen pretty much all day long.

The big advantage of course is that you don’t need 2 pairs of prescription glasses. The lenses constantly adapt to the light surrounding you meaning they’re always the shade you need them to be. They have a fast fade back speed as soon as you step indoors again and away from UV rays.

The beauty of Eyeworks is that you’re unlikely to find their frames on the high street. They scour the world in search of unique designs. Mine are no exception – by boutique Italian eyewear brand Feb31st. Having depended so heavily on brown tortoiseshell over the years I felt it was time to break the mould. I plumped for a lightweight wooden frame in blue, yes blue, from the Val Brembilla based brand. Director Brenda McKernan and her team recommend the tinted grey lenses which uniformly reduce the intensity of outdoor visible light, while neutralising or smoothing out transmitted light – what is more, grey and blue is a sartorial no brainer.


Feb31st / Model name: Apus  Colour: 65

From £495, Feb31st frame and Transitions Lenses

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