Regualr readers of this blog will already know I’m a glutton for military detail. So when I heard that Manhattan Portage had teamed up ith iconic US brand Alpha Industries my ears pricked up. I’ve had a bit of a soft spot for Manhattan Portage ever since I visited New York and invested in one of their iconic messenger bags. It’s still going strong, bar a couple of broken clasps, some 16-years later.

The US brands have joined forces to celebrate the Golden Anniversary of the iconic M-65 Field Coat by designing a Military-inspired Capsule Bag Collection. Manhattan Portage, the New York brand known for tough urban-style messenger bags and Alpha Industries, the global authority on rugged military-inspired garments, will launch their first ever collaboration world-wide to kick off the 50th anniversary of the original M-65 Field Coat.

The collection pays homage to the Tropical Rucksack, the battle hardened pack known for its ruggedness and utility used during the Vietnam War. Three distinctive styles have been created using the same rugged nylon/cotton (NYCO) fabric that makes the outer sateen shell of the M-65 Field Coat. Heavy-duty brass zippers and the signature olive green colour used in the legendary coat have also been included in the collection.

The Recon Shoulder Bag is lined with a bright orange vinyl lining, mirroring the orange contrast lining used in Alpha Industries Flight jackets that were used for rescue missions in Vietnam when high visibility was imperative. The tropical Jungle Rucksack is a nod to the classic military issued backpack used during the Vietnam War and the tactical MOLLE design is the military’s 21st  century version of the Vietnam era technology known as ALICE (All-purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment).

The MOLLE style backpack created for this collaboration is an upgraded version of the Manhattan Portage Fort Hamilton Backpack and redesigned with a vintage touch sporting utilitarian features built for outdoor use, such as a second-stage modular storage option that keeps you organized and mobile in the field. Each product in this collaboration holds true value as the main body was made using Alpha Industries cotton/nylon blended fabric, signature snaps, flag logo, and other M-65 hidden elements.

About Manhattan Portage:
Manhattan Portage has been making high quality bags for over 30 years to meet 
the practical needs of New Yorkers. Since 1983 it pioneered the manufacture of 
authentic messenger bags used by New York City’s bicycle messengers. The company’s 
iconic red label emblazoned with an outline of New York’s famous skyline now appears 
on several collections of bags and accessories available in a wide range of styles, 
fabrics and prices. A reliable, tested and versatile companion on the street, 
Manhattan Portage bags are “New York Tough” and only use the highest quality materials.
visit: Manhattan Portage
About Alpha Industries:
 Born of purpose in 1959, Alpha Industries is a global enterprise dedicated to manufacturing and selling military inspired outerwear at the highest quality level. Over 50 years ago, the U.S. Department of Defense awarded Alpha Industries its first contract to produce military jackets and outerwear. The core military product eventually gave way to a lifestyle/fashion department dedicated to keeping Alpha Industries on the forefront of military style. With its eye on quality that will meet military standards, Alpha Industries continues to bring their American heritage to enthusiasts worldwide. Visit: Alpha Inustries for more details.