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Fit the best. Everest.

There’s still time to snap up one of Timothy Everest’s immaculately tailored jackets from Superdry from what is his third and final season of collaborating with the brand, renowned for fusing vintage Americana and Japanese-inspired graphics with British style.


The collaboration has built a reputation for its contemporary slant on timeless British suiting. The AW14 offering, labelled the Sebiro Collection is inspired by heritage (the fabrics are British-milled) and indulgence (the attention to detail).

Savile Row alumni Everest has crafted The Town Jacket to perfection: traditional cloth is paired with jazzy felt detailing with silk Club tie-style under collars. It’s a contemporary twist on a classic jacket with a razor-sharp cut.

Everest explains: “When I first started it was quite different because the perceptions of tailoring were quite old fashioned, long-winded, boring, expensive and elitist, so we had to turn those things around in to being relevant.

The collection is trying to bring the fusion of tradition in casual wear to produce something that is very different. The idea was to get this capsule collection together based around 4 figures: The San Franciscan, The Bank Robber, The Super Spy and The Country Rebel.

It’s a collection of key pieces, a road crash between tradition and craft. We’re not actually selling suits, we’re selling jackets and trousers that match, that’s the philosophy we came up with. It’s not about wearing a 3-piece suit, why not wear a tweed jacket and team it with a t-shirt and jeans? Tailoring’s still relevant but may be wear it in a different kind of order.”

Superdry offer a tailoring and monograming service exclusively in their cavernous Premium Lounge located in the basement of their vast Regent Street flagship store. The in-house tailoring service ranges from £25-£35 per alteration depending on your requirements, but if you’re anything like me, the fit of the jacket off the peg was close to perfection, thanks to Everest’s masterful scissor hands.

Premium Lounge, Superdry
, 103-113 Regent St,
London W1

Sartorialee selects:

Country Rebel Classic Jacket
The Country Rebel a single-breasted four-button blazer jacket from the Sebiro collection, features swelled edge peak lapels, patch pockets and a contrast lemon felt under collar. Inside, a quarter lining and bound seams while the internal tech pocket allows headphones to be looped through. A clever chest pocket bag doubles as a handkerchief. £194.99



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