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Wear for art


If you’re in and around Savile Row in the next 2 weeks make sure you get along to The Art of Tailoring Exhibition at Richard Anderson before it closes. It’s a small but perfectly curated show displaying artworks on the theme of tailoring by 14 contributing fine artists.

Each artist was given access to paper patterns, cloths and the tools of the tailoring trade but given complete freedom to interpret the theme in any way they saw fit.

If you’re fortunate enough to be there, as I was, when Richard Anderson co-founder Brian Lishak is in residence then you are in for a real treat. Brian, who celebrated 50 years on The Row in 2006, happily talked me through some of the pieces and regaled me with wonderful tales of his sartorial travels to America in the 50’s aboard the distinguished Queen Mary Ship.

I could have waxed lyrical all day long with Brian, he was utterly charming. He didn’t know me from Adam, I had just wandered in off the street, yet he was so hospitable. The sort of character that someone like myself, who is learning the art of tailoring, can glean a great deal from. So much so, that I have arranged to go back and do an in-depth interview with him for Sartorialee. Watch this space.


There are some wonderful pieces on display from artists ranging from Phil Poynter (‘Before and After’, below right) to Vic Reeves (Mark Rothko’s trousers, below left) , but my particular favourite was an installation by Richard Anderson’s wife, Fran. The piece, housed in a simple white box frame (pictured above), is made up of 3 small drawers, each containing various tailoring artifacts – chalks, tape measures, cotton threads and fabric swatches.


Among the assorted ephemera are some of Brian Lishak’s old black and white polaroid photographs. He used to take snapshots of his American clients to remind him of their body shape, poise and posture when he returned to the UK. Fran Anderson has combined these archival shots to produce a tailored, all-over print shirt (pictured above). It’s a beautiful piece, reminiscent of Jake Tilson’s pop art pieces that so inspired me at art college.

The Art of Tailoring, hosted by Richard Anderson, until 12 December 2014, Mon-Sat 9am-5pm. Richard Anderson Ltd, 13 Savile Row, London W1S 3PH; Tel: 0207734 0001